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              HOT PRODUCTS

              Honganxing Intelligent lock Precision,fashion,safety,reliability.

              ABOUT US

              Honganxing has been committed to high-tech intelligent product development and production.

              Shenzhen Honganxing Technolog CO., Ltd.

              Shenzhen Honganxing Technology co,ltd.,established in 2006, is the global leading smart locks suppliers,who focus on providing smart home products and service ,committed to make you a safer and more convenient living environment.In the past 13 years ,Honganxing dedicated in the research and develop of smart home intelligent products , It has a leading domestic R&D team and a modern, full-chain manufacturing plant.


              Honganxing products sell well all over the country, and exported to overseas, around the world!

              Island Shangri-la Hotel

              Park Taipei Hotel

              Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

              Grand Hotel

              Eaton Hong Kong

              Macau at Ponte 16 Hotel

              Huizhou Taojing Golf Resort

              Shenzhen Dameisha The Bay Hotel


              The latest developments in continuous updates are the best way to get to know macro!

              Guangdong Huizhou Taojing golf reso...

              Guangdong Huizhou Taojing golf resort to using our (in room safe 1500)

              Zhejiang Jiashan. Waldorf Le Grand ...

              Zhejiang Jiashan. Waldorf Le Grand Large Hotel using our (door locks, sa...

              Shenzhen International Club of our ...

              Shenzhen International Club of our water use (sauna lock 1500 sets)

              JOIN ADVANTAGE

              For agents to provide professional product,marketing,installation,after-sales service,such as comprehensive training.

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